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Urban Rider Gift Cards


Us motorcyclists are a picky bunch, so if you're looking for a present for someone with an inclination for life on two wheels, why not go for an easy win and get them an Urban Rider gift card? You have two options to choose from: our Virtual card which gets emailed to the lucky recipient, and a Postal one which will be printed on a fancy card and sent out like all our other parcels.


How to redeem your gift card


So you got really lucky and someone gave you one of our Urban Rider gift cards. A bit better than the usual pair of socks, isn't it?

Now, how to turn the best gift you've ever received into an awesome bit of motorcycle kit? There are a few ways:

On our website

All gift cards, both the postal and the virtual ones, come with a code which you can redeem at check-out, which will deduct the value kindly gifted to you.

Gift Card Redeem


Come pay us a visit! We're on New King's Road in Fulham, London. Bring your gift card and have a bit of a shopping spree! 

 Over the phone

Give us a call on +44 (0)207 736 3811 and we'll happily help you out! Have your Gift Card Number at the ready and we'll take your order over the phone.

 By email

Send us an email including your name and unique Gift Card Number and we'll get back to you. Keep in mind that we might ask you for proof of identity.

How to check your gift card balance

Sign in and go to your account page. The last tab on the left is for your gift cards.

Here you can store as many gift cards as you like so you can keep track of them!

You can check your card status, remaining balance, and expiry date. (This can also be done in the Checkout)

Just copy and paste your gift card code into the checkout when needed!